The most recognized commercial used fitness equipment bidding platform.

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WeBuyEquipment.com and Your Club

WeBuyGymEquipment.com is a commercial bidding platform that sources the best price for gym operators' pre-used gym equipment upon trade-in.

Gym and fitness facility operators have suffered for many years receiving inconsistent and low residual values when coming to trade-in pre-used commercial gym equipment. The current buy-back process is led by the new fitness equipment supplier.

WeBuyGymEquipment.com have teamed up with the world's best commercial traders who review used gym equipment packages on the platform and place their 'blind offer.' The highest price is then sent to the seller (typically the gym operator) for the price to be considered. The seller0 can accept or decline the offer within 90 days without obligation. If the price is accepted, WeBuyGymEquipment.com will ensure the goods are collected at a convenient time, and the payment is made in full.

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