Scale Your Personal Training Business With Us.

A software platform for fitness businesses to manage and scale training services.

StrengthPortal was designed to help gyms and studios replace paper and spreadsheets forever. With our workout programming and tracking tools you can easily meet client needs and track progress over time.

With advanced workout programming and tracking tools, build your program and exercise library to empower your training teams to personalize workouts efficiently. StrengthPortal is an enterprise-ready software that supports advanced features for multi-location gyms and studios. Leverage our product customization, team management features, and reporting tools. Whether you're training clients at the gym or sending workouts for them to track remotely, our software platform tools make it easy to manage. View and share your client's workout data to help motivate them to reach their personal goals.

To view a demo of StrengthPortal in action, click here to watch a quick demo.

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