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Fitness BI and Your Club

Fitness BI combines the data from all of your club management applications and presents it neatly on a centralized Analytics Dashboard, allowing you to conveniently track and asses how the different units of your club are performing, while also ridding you of that tedious task of pulling and analyzing reports from this system or the other.

Fitness BI Solutions

On a single platform and through beautifully visualized data, Fitness BI allows you to gauge the success of your sales and marketing efforts or track the progress of your personal trainers (to name just two examples). This way you can make knowledgeable business decisions confidently.

Oh, and that means Fitness BI will save you time, too. If you're spending 15 minutes a day pulling reports from your several systems, you stand to gain 11 eight-hour days every year by using Fitness BI instead. That's quite a few days.

Fitness BI's integration

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